Crooked Creeks Gates are Finally in and Working!

New Crooked Creek Front Entrance Gate

Crooked Creek Gate

It finally happened!  The gates at Crooked Creek are operational after a 15 plus year effort led by multiple groups of residents.   All it took was forming a new city, creating and then changing city ordinances, countless city meetings, changing state law, TWICE, and then getting then 67% of the residents to agree.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard it would never happen I could have retired 5 years ago.  I drove through the gate the first time early last week just a few days after the gates became operational and it was like a different community.  Where were all the cars?  I mean there are 640 homes with at least two cars each – many have 4.  It was like a ghost town, relatively speaking.  The stats showed that 40% plus of the traffic in the neighborhood was cutting through and now that the gates are in it feels like that was underestimated.   There are still many kinks to work out, to be sure, and all is still not complete but if traffic the first week and a half is any indication of how things will be, Crooked Creek residents scored a game winning, bases loaded, walk off home run!

Mike Stevens - 8 years ago

I heard a story from one of the neighborhood representatives that the first morning the gates started they counted over 200 cars turning in to the neighborhood and then having to turn around because of the gate the first hour. That’s why it was done, it simply was not a safe environment with so many cut through drivers.

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