2016 Home Sales Off to a Fast Start

23 homes sold in Crooked Creek so far this year. That is a very fast pace. Many people were concerned that the extra expense of gating being added to the HOA fee’s would decrease demand but the opposite happened, demand increased and prices took a little bump up from it as well. Gating really has significantly increased the overall feel of the neighborhood. Traffic has been cut down significantly and more people than ever want to move to the neighborhood.

Crooked Creeks Gates are Finally in and Working!

New Crooked Creek Front Entrance Gate

Crooked Creek Gate

It finally happened!  The gates at Crooked Creek are operational after a 15 plus year effort led by multiple groups of residents.   All it took was forming a new city, creating and then changing city ordinances, countless city meetings, changing state law, TWICE, and then getting then 67% of the residents to agree.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard it would never happen I could have retired 5 years ago.  I drove through the gate the first time early last week just a few days after the gates became operational and it was like a different community.  Where were all the cars?  I mean there are 640 homes with at least two cars each – many have 4.  It was like a ghost town, relatively speaking.  The stats showed that 40% plus of the traffic in the neighborhood was cutting through and now that the gates are in it feels like that was underestimated.   There are still many kinks to work out, to be sure, and all is still not complete but if traffic the first week and a half is any indication of how things will be, Crooked Creek residents scored a game winning, bases loaded, walk off home run!

2015 Home Sales Recap

34 homes sold in 2015.

Price range of $436,000 to $936,000.

That is a very large range but that is Crooked Creek.  We have slab homes in the Enclave and York Cove sections that are typically the lowest prices and then there are some much larger homes on the best lots on the Golf Course that run in the 900’s and sometimes over 1M.

Median values for the Year

Days on the Market 45

Average sales price $547,000

That price should rise significantly in 2016.

2014 is a Great Year for Crooked Creek so far


2014 is almost over and it was a great year so far in Crooked Creek.

Home Values rose by 5-10 percent during the year depending on the home condition and location within the community.  Crooked Creek saw prices drop by a little over 20 % during the Great Recession but that was less than the Milton, GA area in general and much less than Metro Atlanta as a whole. The reason for the lower than average drop was because of Crooked Creeks great location and new investment in the great neighborhood amenities in 2008/2009.

As a rule values are currently at about 2006 levels.  What that means is if someone bought their home in 2006 it is worth about the same today after dropping ~20% from the peak in 2007.  If they bought in 2007 they are still valued below what they paid by around 5%.*

With over 45 homes already closed and few more pending it was also the highest number of resales since 2007.  There are currently only 14 active listings which is extremely low.

Sales in Past Years

Year Homes Sold
2013 44
2012 41
2011 32
2010 36
2009 27
2008 32
2007 35+

(current MLS records are incomplete for March 2007 and earlier)

* All values are relative and a recent CMA or Market Value Analysis must be done by a very experienced agent to get the actual sales value.  Don’t rely on refi appraisals or other methods for the value as they can be way off the market or resale value in the current market. (see our other blog on market value vs refi values)

In addition to a record number of homes closed so far and the great increase in values, Crooked Creek was also finally able to Privatize the roads and will move to install 24/7 guarded gates in 2015.  More about that in a future post.

With 8 homes closed YTD 2014, 1 currently pending and 3 active listings www.CrookedCreekHomeSales.com and Mike Stevens continue to be the dominate real estate agent group in the community.  Please call 770-905-7053 or email mike@NorthAtlantaTeam.com anytime for a free no obligation consultation.

Mike has been involved as either the buyers agent or listing agent with over 20% of all homes sold in Crooked Creek since 2007!

Crooked Creek’s New Basketball Court Getting Lots of Use

When the Crooked Creek HOA voted to tear down all of the old Amenities and rebuild them in 2009 that also entailed building a new basketball court.  The old court was in really rough shape and was much smaller.  The new court offers two high end glass backboards and a completely fenced in area to help keep the ball in closer when there is the inevitable ‘bad pass’.  The new court is one of the most popular features of the new Amenities for the kids.  Nearly everyday after school many kids can be found enjoying this great new feature.

Crooked Creek Basketball Court